Your B2B business has a unique sales cycle

We understand the nuances of business-to-business transactions. Knowing what motivates buyers of these more complex purchases, we help you …


Generate more sales leads

With well-written copy, and persuasive calls to action, we present your offerings in a way that visitors can’t help but follow your sales funnel.


Market your brand effectively

You only get one chance to make a first impression. We make sure your website provides the best possible reflection of your brand.


Take control of your content

An easy to use content management system provides will allow your team to update your website’s content, without needing to be coders.

How is a B2B Website Different?

Discover the unique considerations and learn how to address them when building an effective B2B website

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What makes Leaf Design different?

Operating out of the Burlington, Ontario area, we service all of Halton Region (including Hamilton and Oakville) as well as the Greater Toronto Area. Our highly skilled team of web designers and developers are dedicated to crafting the very best web designs for B2B businesses. Cultivated through the building of long-term relationships, most team members having worked with Leaf for several years. Everything we do is built locally – you won’t find any fly-by-night off-shore developers here.

Why do we mention this? We feel that the quality of your website is only as good as the people who’ve built it. It’s our approach we take with each and every client project that makes the process of building your company’s website fulfilling and rewarding.

Why work with us?

Over the past 10 years, we have built more than 100 B2B websites and stand proud behind each and every one of them. We invite you to view some of our recent projects.

While we’re happy to have you speak with any of our satisfied clients, here’s what we believe makes us the right choice for your project:

We are B2B experts
Having worked with dozens of B2B companies, we understand the nuances of business-to-business transactions. Knowing what motivates buyers of these more complex purchases, we can help your organization generate more high-quality sales leads.

We treat clients as partners
We understand it is not just the outcome, but the process to get there that makes a project successful. Our duty, first and foremost, is to look out for your best interest throughout the course of a project.

We offer sound advice
During each step of the design process, we ensure our decisions are based on industry best practices and backed up by peer research.

We always pay attention to detail
When it comes to your user’s experience, it’s the little things that matter most. We sweat the small stuff – even though you might not notice it yourself.

We aim for total customer satisfaction
At Leaf Design, we thrive on repeat and referral business. We invite you to join our growing list of satisfied clients.

So whether your are looking to generate more leads with your website, or increase annual revenue of your eCommerce site, Leaf Design can help you achieve your web marketing goals and objectives.

We’ve helped 100+ B2B clients

Our collaborative process to website design has been critical to the success of our clients. In partnership with your team, we guide you from start to finish through the process of developing a website that speaks directly to your buyers.

A local focus

While we’ve worked with B2B companies all throughout the Greater Toronto Area, we call Burlington our home. We’ve also had the opportunity to work with many Oakville and Hamilton web design clients and feel that building local relationships is critical to our – and our clients’ – success.

It is this close interaction with our clients that allows us to deliver web design concepts that are spot on and meet the objectives of your website design project.

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How we can help you …

While each client we work with has a specific set of challenges, our experience has shown that there is a common collection of issues that most of B2B businesses face. If any of these concerns sound familiar to your organization, rest assured, we can help you solve them.

  • “We don't seem to be generating enough quality web leads”

    For most clients, this is the number one expensive problem that they face. The story is often the same: their website gets a lot of traffic, but very few of these visitors are converted into viable leads. Those that do take action are frequently not ideal clients.

    For B2B businesses, usually this is down to the fact their website is missing one or more of the six key traits for success:

    Strong Messaging
    High conversion rates start with a well thought out marketing message that clearly highlights the benefits of your products or services

    Enticing Content
    Providing high-value content that is of interest to your visitors will capture their attention

    It is imperative that your organization is viewed by visitors as an expert in your industry

    Using testimonials, news coverage, and case studies, let prospective clients know that your company is reliable

    Overcomes Objections
    Overcome prospective clients’ skepticism of your marketing claims by pre-emptily addressing any possible barriers they may put up

    High converting websites will generally make it easy for customers to get “buy in” from upper management

    If your website hasn’t been setup with the above traits, then it won’t be running as optimally as it should. We can make sure you incorporate these elements into your website as part of your next redesign project.

  • “Our website design is outdated and an embarrassment to potential customers”

    We hear this comment from just about every client. It is often the basis from which the initial desire to redesign their website stems from. While it’s important that your website is aesthetically pleasing to your users, by itself, a modern website design will not win you any business. This is because behind every dated web design, there is a dated (or non-existent) digital strategy.

    That is why our design process starts by learning about your organization and planning out the best approach to marketing your business online. By understanding your goals and objectives for the website, we are able to put an ideal information architecture in place, which will serve as a basis for the new design.

    With the framework for your design agreed upon, a modern website design can be tailored to fit your organization’s marketing message, content, and brand guidelines.

  • “Our website is totally unusable on mobile browsers”

    Every year, the use of phone and tablet web browsers is continuing to increase. Even within the B2B sector, almost half of website users reporting using at least one mobile device for gathering information while at the office.

    Having to “pinch and zoom” to view your website in a mobile phone is a sure way to frustrate a potential business lead, making him more likely to move on to your competitor’s site. Additionally, Google gives priority in the search listings to websites who have superior mobile user experiences.

    By developing all our websites using responsive design principles, we ensure that your website looks great on phones and tablets as well as laptops and desktops.

  • “Relying on developers to update our website is time consuming and costly”

    The best websites are those that are treated as a living, breathing entity. Part of keeping your website “alive” is to continually update your content with information that is compelling to your target audience.

    But that is often easier said than done. For many clients, making content updates to their website involves engaging with their web developer. This a time consuming, back-and-forth process usually comes with an expensive invoice to boot. So simple tasks like adding a new page end up becoming more hassle than they are worth. As a result, your website stagnates and you don’t end up adding any content until you decide to do the next redesign.

    As part of all of our web projects, we integrate a content management system that is best suited to the task at hand. For most small to medium businesses, using WordPress as the platform for their corporate website is an excellent choice. It provides a high level of customizability, with the security of having huge community support.

  • “We are nowhere to be seen in the Google search results”

    What good is your website if no one can find it? Getting traffic (the right traffic) to your website is a critical piece of the marketing puzzle. A high quality web design and a solid search engine optimization (SEO) campaign go hand in hand.

    We often share an analogy with customers that really resonates with those familiar with the City of Toronto. Imagine your corporate website as a physical store. You’ve just spent a good investment on a beautiful shop interior (aka your new website design), and you’ve stocked the shelves with some quality products.

    However, if your store is located on an alley off of Markham Street (ie: on page 10 of Google), then very few customers are going to see everything you have to offer. By including SEO as part of your digital marketing strategy, you are essentially are moving your “store” to the much busier area of the city – the corner of Yonge and Bloor.

    Even if you aren’t looking to generate more traffic to your website as part of your marketing plan, you can rest assured that each website we build is crafted with SEO in mind. So, should your needs change down the road, you’ll have a solid base to build from.

  • “We aren’t sure if our website meets AODA accessibility guidelines”

    Most of our clients have no clue whether their website meets the guidelines as set out by the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA). In fact, most of them aren’t even aware that the regulations even exist.

    As of January 1, 2014, for organizations with 50 or more employees, all new (or significantly refreshed) websites must meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 Level A specifications. These regulations are in place to ensure that visitors who have disabilities have an improved experience when using your website.

    Looking further down the road, starting in the year 2021, the requirements become stricter, requiring that websites must meet the WCAG 2.0 Level AA criteria.

    Failure to comply with these requirements can result in significant fines (not to mention a frustrating experience for some users).

    Whether you are planning on building a new website, or looking to audit your existing website, Leaf Design can make sure your organization is covered.

Leaf Design seamlessly integrated all the elements of our B2B site so customers could find our product material in multiple locations.

Alex Pettes

Are we a good fit for your project?

While we welcome inquiries from all types of B2B companies, our experience has shown we obtain the best results for clients with the following traits …

  • Sell primarily to other businesses (as opposed to retail consumers)
  • Are small to medium in size (approximately 10 – 100 employees)
  • Have a prime opportunity to build growth through their marketing plan
  • Recognize their website is a valuable marketing asset
  • Value a structured process to ensure great results

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