A publicly traded company, Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) provides a natural alternative to healthy crops for farmers. Their innovative pollination solution ensures farmer’s crop yields are always thriving by preventing disease and pests.

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The original BVT website was designed several years ago. Since being developed, the company has grown and shifted its business priorities. After a detailed review, their current website presented with the following shortcomings:

  • A dated design that didn’t hint at the innovative nature of the company
  • Lack of pages speaking to specific customer industries
  • Ineffective calls to action on key website pages
  • A frustrating mobile user experience


Our approach included taking into account the multiple audiences for this website. The majority of visitors were farmers who are or may experience spoiled crops, however the website also needed to speak to consumers who wanted to know about the health benefits.

Additionally, as a growing company looking for funding, it was important to also appeal to potential investors. Being a publicly traded company, several regulatory guidelines had to be adhered to when presenting financial information.

The initial design brief accurately captured the clients wishes and resulted in a design process with minor revisions.

Design brief Screenshot
1. Design brief

After an extensive client kickoff meeting, we put together a design brief for the Home page. This provides everyone with clear objectives for the page.

Wireframe Screenshot
2. Wireframe

Before beginning any detailed design work, we put together a low-fidelity wireframe. This ensures that no key page elements are forgotten.

Initial concept Screenshot
3. Initial concept

Our initial design concept spoke directly to farmers, higlighted the main crops, and offered some social proof in the form of testimonials and news articles.

Final design Screenshot
4. Final design

The biggest revision was the change from an illustrated banner to a photography. Some other minor stylistic changes were also made before client approval.


The new website design showcases BVT as a technical innovator in the field of agriculture. The website was built upon the popular WordPress platform, allowing BVT to manage all future content updates themselves. A flexible set of page templates were designed, including:

  • Standard content pages
  • Section overview pages
  • Crop-specific information pages
  • News listings with individual article pages
  • Executive team and board of directors pages
  • Financial information document repository
  • Search results
Vertical-specific content

The detailed crop-specific page templates received a significant focus throughout the project. Each of these pages targeted a different crop that the BVT system was beneficial for. This allowed BVT to effectively market to a wide range of farmers by providing a more personalized approach for each.

They provided a high-level overview that connected with farmer’s pain points, but at the same time allowed more technical readers to dig deeper into the mechanics of the solution. These subpages also included solid calls to action, inviting farmers to schedule a demonstration or to start a free trial of the product.

Home Page Screenshot
Crops Subpage Screenshot
Overview Subpage Screenshot
Vectorpak Subpage Screenshot

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