Turn your website into your best salesperson

Regardless of your industry – if your business sells to other businesses – we’ll make sure to deliver all of the following …

More sales leads

By better targeting your core audience and speaking directly to their pain points, we can help your website generate more higher quality sales leads.

An exceptional user experience

Our clean and modern approach to design will make your website a delight for your users to experience, resulting in higher conversion rates.

Consistent brand identity

Your website will visually align with your branding guidelines and other marketing initiatives, ensuring your customers receive a consistent marketing message.

Easy content management

Your marketing team will be provided with an easy to use inteface to make additions and updates to your web pages.

Compliance with regulations

Avoid penalties and fines by complying with all governmental guidelines including language laws, accessibility requirements (OADA), and anti-spam laws (CASL).

Post-launch support

After your website launches, we’ll resolve any unexpected issues that might crop up, and be around to answer your questions.

How is a B2B Website Different?

Discover the unique considerations and learn how to address them when building an effective B2B website

Spark Power

After acquiring multiple subsidiaries, Spark Power needed a single website that consolidated all of their service offerings. A more vibrant design approach was taken to help Spark Power stand out in an otherwise conservative industry.

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Spark Power

Our expertise and skills

We don’t claim to do everything. But what we do – we do well.

Web design

Clean and functional is our approach to visual design for corporate websites and web applications.

Responsive web development

With our device-agnostic approach, your website will function on a tablet or phone as well as it does on a desktop.

CMS integration

Your marketing team will be able to make content changes quickly – no HTML or web developers required.

eCommerce solutions

If you sell directly to customers, we can maximize your conversion rate with great online shopping experience.

Information architecture

Your content is your website’s greatest asset. We work with you to organize and prioritize it what is most important.


Quality copy is the unsung hero of any successful website. We’ll craft your content so that it actually gets read.

Leaf Design comes to the table with all the right talents. They are both creative and resourceful, and deliver an exceptional product.

Michael Shuster

Audit your website

Before you dive head-first into a re-design, you need to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your website. Our free Website Audit Guide will provide you with an assessment on …

  • The usability of your website (on desktop and mobile browsers)
  • How well organized and accessible your content is
  • The effectiveness of your calls to action
  • … and much more