Consolidated Energy Solutions (CES) designs, manufactures, and installs HVAC systems for supermarkets. They are specialists in this very niche market. Their confidence as market leaders is shown through their offer to cover the cost of engineers and planners for an on-site feasibility study of their products.

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While the original CES website provided some basic company details, it had significant room for improvement. Some of the website’s shortcomings included:

  • A simplistic, less than professional visual design
  • Poor organization of website page structure
  • Core content was placed “below the fold” on most sub-pages
  • Too many calls to action on each page lead to decision paralysis
  • An overly complex contact form


CES provided us with a great deal of content that allowed us to focus their design to target VPs and directors of supermarket chains. Our goal was to highlight them as specialists in this niche industry.

The overall tone of the design needed to convey “freshness” and focus visuals on supermarket environments, employees, shoppers, and produce. While some of the pages do contain an image of the physical HVAC units, great care was taken to avoid a cold, mechanical feel to the website.

The final revisions to the design included several subtle, but effective connections with their recently refreshed logo design. Banner headings and page dividers use a thin green line that is present in their logo.

Design brief Screenshot
1. Design brief

To ensure all parties were on the same page., a design brief was drawn up after a project kickoff meeting with the client.

Wireframe Screenshot
2. Wireframe

The new wireframe layout of the CES home page significantly cut down the clutter that was on the original website.

Initial concept Screenshot
3. Initial concept

Short and to the point, our initial concept highlighted the organization as a specialist in its very niche market.

Final design Screenshot
4. Final design

Along with adding a few "calls to action", several design elements were enhanced to better tie-in with CES' corporate branding.


The newly completed website design provided a fresh approach to CES’ marketing efforts. With a streamlined site architecture, and clearer calls to action, the website is now more efficient at targeting their core audience of VP level executives.

While not overly large, the website offers the essential functionality, including:

  • Product offerings page
  • A lead capture page offering a free analysis
  • A company experience page with a detailed installation map
  • Resources listings with individual article pages
  • Executive team and board of directors page
Gated content

As with many B2B websites, resource articles are an essential component to demonstrating that you are a thought leader in your industry. However, sometimes it is beneficial to request a visitor’s contact details in exchange for some of your most prized content.

CES wanted the ability to do just that – keep some of their resources out of public view, and turn them into lead magnets. The site was built with such flexibility in mind, allowing specific articles to require a valid email address to be provided before the information is sent off.

Installation map

Included on the CES Experience page was a map that pinpoints all of the installations that the company has completed to date. Having their product installed in over 2,000 supermarkets throughout North America, the map is a great visual way to display their presence in the market space.

Home Page Screenshot
Offerings Subpage Screenshot
Team Subpage Screenshot
Approach Subpage Screenshot

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