Spark Power delivers technical innovation, asset management, and service to the renewable energy sector and industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) and utility markets.


Recently, Spark Power had gone through several acquisitions in an effort to provide a wider range of services to their customer base. These changes, however, were shoehorned into their original website as an afterthought.

After analyzing their situation in more detail, we identified several major deficiencies with their website:

  • A simplistic, less than professional visual design
  • A non-cohesive set of page templates with inconsistent styling elements
  • Poor organization of website page structure
  • A disconnected group of subdomains for their sub-brands
  • Ineffective (and non-existent) calls to action
  • Content changes were time consuming and costly for website admins


The journey to building the Spark Power website began with a deep analysis of the main disfunction of their original website. The core issue was that after acquiring several sub-brands, the services that were offered were not clear to their customer base. The information was organized such that anyone not familiar with the brand would be easily confused.

Therefore, a major component of this project involved completely redesigning the page architecture of the site. Significant changes were made and information was now organized by the type of service offering, rather than by sub-brand name.

This process also made tackling the design of the Home page much simpler as we now had a hierarchy of information from which to base our decisions on.

Original website Screenshot
1. Original website

The original Spark Power website was not an eyesore, but it many busy elements competing with each other and had no clear focus.

Design brief Screenshot
2. Design brief

A design brief was drawn up during early meetings with the client. It outlined their business objectives and design preferences.

Wireframe Screenshot
3. Wireframe

We utilized the details from the design brief to create a home page layout that better organized the services that Spark Power offers.

Initial & final design Screenshot
4. Initial & final design

With our proper preparation, we hit the nail on the head! Our initial concept was approved by the client without a single revision necessary.


The website that we built in conjunction with Spark Power delivery a much more organized collection of pages that helped to address the various audiences (customers, investors, and industry leaders).

The new design provided a more modern appearance that spoke to the innovative nature of the company. With calls to action placed on all key pages, the site was built to educate customers with sell sheets and industry resources.

Built on the WordPress platform, the Spark Power marketing team was provided with an easy to use content management system. With a wide variety of page templates, they were able to create and edit content without needing to worry about learning HTML code (unlike their original website).

Home Page Screenshot
Services Subpage Screenshot
Overview Subpage Screenshot

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