Why perform an audit?

You only have a few precious seconds in which to convince visitors who land on your website to stick around – there is a myriad of reasons why they won’t.

The most successful websites do all they can to eliminate these barriers. Get it wrong, and your prospective customer will hit the back button and move on to your competition.

But how do you know what you’ve got right and what you’ve got wrong?

Our Website Audit Guide is designed to answer exactly that question. It provides a comprehensive checklist for you to follow to systematically analyze your current website.

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What to analyze

Before you dive off the deep end and start on a completely new web design, you’ll want to identify what is working and what isn’t with respect to …


  • Are visitors able to instantly determine what it is you do?
  • How easily can visitors navigate your website and follow your sales funnel?
  • What is your users’ experience like when the website is viewed on a mobile phone?


  • Is the overall appearance of your website reflective of your organization as a whole?
  • Does your website follow your corporate branding guidelines?
  • Are all of the pages consistent in appearance and give the impression of a cohesive design?


  • Are visitors easily able to understand how your products or services could help them?
  • Do you educate visitors with resources, white papers, and articles?
  • Are your calls to action in the most appropriate locations (or do they even exist at all)?


  • Do your web pages load at a reasonable speed?
  • Does your website function across all modern web browsers?
  • Are sections of the website not working correctly or missing entirely?


  • Are page titles and meta descriptions as effective as they should be?
  • Does your website’s code have issues that are impacting your search engine rankings?
  • What does your domain authority and backlink profile look like?


  • Is your website accessible to visitors with visual disabilities, as per AODA requirements?
  • Do your opt-in forms follow the guidelines set out by CASL?
  • For publicly traded companies, are you fulfilling all investor regulations?

How to get started

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Using this information will start you off on a better path to improving your corporate website.

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