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Based out of the Halton region (think Hamilton, Oakville, and Burlington), Leaf Design is team of web professionals that includes some the best and brightest developers and web designers in Toronto and North America.

These relationships have been forged over years, with most team members having worked with Leaf an average of 4 ½ years. You won’t find any fly-by-night off-shore web developers here.

While most projects require talents spread across the team, your single point of contact will be with Leaf Design founder, Ian Chapman. We’ve found this to be the most efficient way to operate and ensures a consistent client experience.


Ian Chapman

Roles and responsibilities

When we take on a project, we don’t simply see it as “task list” of instructions from the client. Instead, we enter into a partnership with our clients, whereby we work towards a common goal – to put your organization into a better position than before we met.


Our responsibilities

  • Steering the overall project in the right direction to accomplish all goals we set out to do
  • Making it clear to you when to expect certain milestones
  • Keeping communication lines open so you stay in the loop on our progress
  • Responding to any questions or concerns promptly
  • Keeping your best interests in mind at all stages of the project

Your responsibilities

  • Providing direction and approval on strategy
  • Timely responses to all requests for information or feedback
  • Providing reasonable availability for ad hoc discussions
  • Delivery of high quality digital assets (text, photography, and marketing collateral) in a well organized format
  • Prompt payments on all agreed upon invoices

Joint responsibilities

  • Making design and development decisions based on the project’s objectives, rather than personal preferences
  • Notifying the other party in advance of any business disruptions that may affect the project schedule
  • Respecting the other party’s knowledge and expertise
  • Bringing a positive attitude to the project partnership

Our process

Part of what makes us different is our approach to B2B web design. While the technical nature of each project is unique, your road to success follows our rigorous process.




Our first goal is to discover your goals. To do this, we’ll ask “why?” – a lot. This will reveal the true problems you are aiming to solve.



We audit your current website and marketing strategy to identify weaknesses that need to be addressed.



Our proposed solution includes a plan of how to close these deficiencies. We’ll offer several options and provide an indication on your expected ROI.



We will collaborate closely with your team to design and implement the solution to solve your web marketing challenges.



Once fully tested, your new website will be launched. We’ll train your team to make sure they have everything they need to take the reins.



Using several third-party analytics tools, we can monitor visitors behaviour in real-time and help quantify your new website’s contribution to your sales.



While you should expect great results, we realize there is always room for improvement. Small tweaks to the website can further maximize your ROI.

Our office

Situated in the heart of Burlington, our office is accessible within a 15 minute drive of Hamilton or Oakville, or about 30 to 45 minutes from downtown Toronto. It is here were we meet with clients, plan strategies, and build the websites that we work on day-in and day-out.

Because of our personal approach to our clients, we enjoying meeting in person to truly get to know and understand your business and its team. Phone and email communication are great to get started, but a face-to-face conversation offers the a more human connection. When it comes to the web design process, we believe this intangible connection provides significant benefits towards establishing trust with your web design partner.

However, if you are planning to meet with us – all meetings are by appointment only. Unfortunately, due to our busy schedule, we are not able to handle walk-in inquiries. Therefore we suggest you schedule a free consultation so you can select a date and time that works for your team (and ours).

Our availability

Our normal business hours are Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm EST. Emails and voicemails received outside those time periods will be responded to the next business day. Just as you value your personal time, so do we. *

While we are occasionally available for an impromptu meeting, that is not the norm. To setup a time for a phone call or meeting, just send us a quick email and we’ll sort something out. In fact, we use a great app called Calendly that makes it simple to schedule a meeting with us.

Operating out of the Toronto, Ontario area, we observe all Canadian and Ontario holidays. Although not as often as we’d like, we do take vacations once in a while. With the exception of any personal emergencies, we will inform you of any vacation plans at least a month in advance, should they impact your project schedule.

* On the rare occasion an emergency crops up outside of business hours, we may be available to assist at a premium rate of 2.5x our normal hourly rate.

Expected results

“What kind of results can I expect from working with Leaf Design?”

This is a common question from our clients, and our answer is always: “it depends on the project”. That response isn’t intended to avoid the question, but rather to point out that each and every project has a unique set of goalposts.

While one client may be looking to simply improve online presence for their brand, another may be looking to generate a 25% increase in quality leads for their sales team. Additionally, success will depend on what stage your company is at with its sales and marketing strategy. Some clients are just starting out and don’t have all the pieces of the marketing puzzle in place, while others may have a larger marketing department with more focused marketing objectives defined.

However, what we can say is that over the last 12 years, providing success to our clients has been our number one focus. By being selective with whom we work with as web partners and only accepting web design projects where we are confident we can provide a solid return on investment, we ensure that all our client relationships are mutually beneficial.

Are we a good match?

At Leaf Design, we believe the best results come from a collaboration of equal partners.

After learning about how we work, perhaps you think working with us would be a good fit? If so, we encourage you to setup a consultation with us to talk about your web design project.

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